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Working With Me

I am heavily influenced by provocative artists like Tyler Shields, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Diane Arbus. As well as others like Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz, and more. I travel to cities to photograph humans, but I also have a home studio for locals.

While developing film photography near Philadelphia, I simultaneously entered into digital technology. Today, I use digital but am still inspired by the analog feel of history’s best postmodern works.

Styles I shoot: editorial, high fashion, nude, and portraits. I don’t do commercial work through this project

In addition to photography, I own a media & advertising agency, am an investor, and consult for famous brands. I have a popular podcast called Too Much CGI. I am a lifelong musician and performer. I have shot for brands like Calvin Klein, Playboy, and FHM. However, this website represents my personal artistic work.

Why do I do this?

Art gives the power of expression by expressing thoughts words can’t capture. Art is a universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and time. It’s a medium that allows us to express our innermost thoughts and feelings. I struggle with heavy depression and anxiety, and art gives me the ability to express thoughts in a way that works for me. It allows me to connect with certain people in magical ways.

Things to know when working with me:

  • I do not shoot anyone under 18. I consider myself an all-ages photographer, although I certainly shoot R material. Please communicate your style’s rating clearly.
  • If you are an amateur, I will do my best to make you comfortable. However, I am used to working in a loose, “not easily offended” creative manner. If you are timid or sensitive to body modeling, we may not vibe well. If you are passionate, curious, and open-minded, we will work far better.
  • I strongly encourage you to check my references – I tag all my models whenever available.
  • You must come with an escort unless we have shot together before. The world has changed. This is for all our safety.
  • If you cancel at the last minute with a bad excuse or no-show completely, there will be no rescheduling.

Any other questions? Please ask.