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20 Photography Styles To Try


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In a creative rut? Sometimes you simply need to try a new photography style. While photography has been explored in many other articles and blog posts, some niche topics aren’t discussed as frequently. Here are some studies in photography, each of which could inspire your current work if it is new to you.

    1. Bodyscape Photography: This type treats the human body as a landscape, focusing on curves, lines, and form to create abstract images. While bodyscapes are a topic, the techniques and ethical considerations could be explored more.
    2. Infrared Model Photography: This is an unconventional type of photography that utilizes the infrared spectrum of light. It’s often used in landscapes for surreal effects but is not commonly seen in model photography.
    3. Photography of Models in Unusual Settings: While urban and studio settings are commonly used for model shoots, unique or unexpected settings could provide new visual narratives. These could be underwater, in extreme environments, or even in zero gravity.
    4. Low Tech Photography with High Fashion: Combining lo-fi equipment like pinhole cameras, disposable cameras, or early camera phone models with high-end fashion and models. This could include exploring the dichotomy of using low-tech in a high-tech era.
    5. In-Depth Poses Study: An analytical approach to modeling poses. Breaking down the communication behind each pose, the cultural and historical context of certain poses, and how they influence the viewer’s perception.
    6. Ethics and Model Photography: Beyond general photography ethics, exploring model photography’s unique challenges and ethical dilemmas. This could include discussions on model rights, informed consent, manipulation, etc.
    7. Using Light Painting Techniques with Models: Light painting is a known photography technique but rarely seen in conjunction with model photography. The artistic potential and techniques could be explored more.
    8. Tactile Photography: An emerging field of creating images with a tactile dimension so visually impaired people can also appreciate them. This could be used to portray models or fashion inclusively.
    9. Vintage Camera Model Photography: Using vintage film cameras for modern model photography. This could also include developing techniques that mimic old-school photography styles. These old-school techniques can inspire your new school practices.
    10. Augmented Reality (AR) and Models: AR technology offers an array of possibilities for innovative applications in model photography. This could be through virtual costumes, fantasy backgrounds, or interactive model portfolios.
    11. Double Exposure Photography: This technique combines two images into a single frame. It can be used to create surreal images that tell a unique story or convey a particular emotion. This can be achieved with film cameras by exposing the same frame twice or digitally in post-processing.
    12. Drone Photography: Using drones to capture aerial shots of models can provide a unique perspective and add a sense of scale to the images. This can be particularly effective in outdoor settings, where the surrounding landscape can be used to complement the model.
    13. Long Exposure Photography: Using a slow shutter speed, photographers can capture the movement of light or other elements in the frame. This can create dynamic images with a sense of motion, such as a model walking through a cityscape with blurred lights.
    14. Cinematic Photography: This style aims to capture images resembling movie stills. It often involves careful planning and staging, focusing on lighting, composition, and storytelling. Models can be placed in dramatic or emotional scenes to create a narrative.
    15. Macro Photography: This technique involves taking close-up shots of small subjects, revealing details that are not visible to the naked eye. It can capture intricate details of a subject’s makeup, jewelry, or clothing, and so on. There is quite a lot to learn with macro photography.
    16. Environmental Portraiture: This style of photography places the model within a specific environment that tells a story about their personality or profession. The background becomes an integral part of the image, adding context and depth to the portrait.
    17. Black and White Photography: Removing color from an image can create a timeless and classic look. It can also help to emphasize shapes, textures, and contrasts, adding a different dimension to model photography. This style puts more attention on low-key lighting and shadows.
    18. Conceptual Photography: This style involves creating images that convey a specific idea or concept. It often requires careful planning and staging, with the model acting out a particular role or scene that illustrates the chosen concept.
    19. Street Fashion Photography: Capturing models wearing trendy or unique outfits in urban settings can create a sense of authenticity and spontaneity. This style often involves candid shots, capturing the model interacting with their surroundings.
    20. Surreal Photography: This style involves creating dreamlike or fantastical images, often using digital manipulation or in-camera techniques. Models can be placed in unusual or impossible scenarios, creating photos that challenge the viewer’s perception of reality.