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Flash Lighting Can Do More Than You Think

Photography shouldn’t merely be an act of pressing a button; it should challenge and push your creative boundaries. The button is a mere portion of all the functions you must learn. There’s a process—a dance of experimentation, anticipation, highs, lows, and aha moments. Through this journey, the objective isn’t just about snapping a good photo today. It’s about crafting something that stands the test of time. And in my experience, continuous lighting won’t get you there. It’s the flash that steals the show.

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Demystifying Shadow Photography

Have you ever tried to capture shadows in your photography, only to end up with an underexposed, grainy, indistinguishable mess? Fear not, fellow photographers! This article will illuminate your path (pun intended), from the basics of shadow play to advanced ideas that transform your images into something people remember.

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The 1980s (and 1990s) Supermodels with Photos

Rock music had Jimi Hendrix. Filmmaking had Charlie Chaplin. Modeling has the supermodels of the 80s. The 1980s were a time unlike any so far. Technology shifts like videotape opened the doors to much cheaper video production. This is why MTV became such a giant force in entertainment. People were constantly being exposed to new creativity. With this new technology, timed with society’s interest in beauty and art, it was a perfect time for modeling to get its due. We could create great new content, but we now needed more subjects. Enter the supermodel phenomenon.

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20 Photography Styles To Try

In a creative rut? Sometimes you simply need to try a new photography style. While photography has been explored in many other articles and blog posts, some niche topics aren’t discussed as frequently. Here are some studies in photography, each of which could inspire your current work if it is new to you.

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Low-Key Photography: How To Shoot Shadow Photography With Inexpensive Gear

In this article, I provide some photography tips and show you how to create low-key lighting photographs with little financial investment. Even if you are a photography beginner, you can make these types of shadowy pictures with only a few standard photography techniques. I’ll explain the lighting gear you need, but you’ll also want a camera that can shoot in a non-automatic mode, which is pretty much every DSLR nowadays and most new smartphones.

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